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Darrell, formerly known as "Jordan" was born on Nov 13, 2006 to Joella Burns and Darrell Miller II, aka know as Slim Caddy. His mother went on to be adopted by the Rev & Mrs. Reginald Mallet when she was 15. Both Darrell's biological parents consented to allow his grandparents Darrell Sr. & Cynthia/ Lois full custody of Darrell when he was 4 years old.


    At a young age 2, he began showing his musical abilities. He began by banging on kitchen pots and pans and eventually anything he could bang on. He at first expressed a desire to be a lawyer, then a judge. Darrell is now 10 years old and has been adopted by his grandfather and grandmother. Since then Darrell has grown tremendously music wise thanks to his uncle " Aaron Hightower. He is learning to play many different instruments and some songs by ear.


At age 3 Darrell 3rd began reading. By age 4 he knew everything that would allow him to go into kindergarten. At age 5 he was tested for the 1st grade at Monument Night House and was admitted. he was always maintained an A/B average, won numerous certified and is always on the honor roll.


Darrell is truly a gifted child and with the guidance of his uncle/big brother Da'Rell, he will continue his music career and perhaps modeling, T.V. etc. The sky the limit Darrell's biological father, Darrell II aka Slim Caddy was murdered on 4/20/2017. His death affected D3 somewhat but he has remembered a will rounded young man. D3 is currently taking karate and is in the band at school.


He recently added a violin to his instruments and hopes to get into the string section at school 60. Darrell has many brothers and sisters, and his biological mother is expecting another child soon.


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