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Royalti Virtue Entertainment LLC is an American record label founded by Da'Rell Miller. The company was inaugurated in (Mention the year) and is now home to two alternative and hip-hop young artists: Da'Rell Miller and Kiana Flowers. 

Royalti Virtue Entertainment LLC has been highly successful since its founding with the release of albums by the two artists. Hailed from Indianapolis, Indiana, both of them graduated from high school and have been in the music industry for the past few years. 

With the goals of creating a family-structured record label and spreading great positive messages alongside entertaining the world with music, Da'Rell Miller strives to manage the group's operations as the CEO and strategist of the group. 

On the other hand, Kiana excels by helping to build an artist's image, sound, and lyrics, making people feel something with a unique voice.


Together they work together to perform songs as a unit in a way that makes them stand out from other groups out there! Next year is going to be exciting once they go off to college campuses performing live shows for new audiences! 


They are excited about creating more unique music styles while still staying true to their fans by following their motto:

You’re Royalty!


To stay updated with their new releases and enjoy their thrilling music, check them out on Spotify, Apple, SoundCloud or iTunes right now.



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