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Telly Boi Hogg


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For a long time, Jordan Clayton aka Telly Boi Hogg, had no social media accounts, which made him the mysterious president on the Royalti Virtue roster. His mysterious nature makes it easier to create new innovative beats that could easily surprise the masses. A producer unlike any other that you heard out there, Telly Boi Hogg creates versatile beats involving mode of expressions and subconscious depth without losing their meaning or emotions that they carry. 


He packages positive, conscious, and catchy beats without following trends.  He continues to grow while finding his unique path in the millions of producers around him. He likes influencing artists to create new words and catchy tracks through his beats to make people feel certain emotions through rhythms. Through rapping, he tries to display various emotional states that he's experienced that others could relate to. 


Influenced by his cousin Waldo to create beats, music is a part of who he is. He draws from personal experiences but keep things mysterious and laidback in hopes that the listener will get their own idea of what the song means to them. Being able to tap into several sides of his personality, the subject matter can be a fun song or an emotionally-colored that will have listeners tuned in universal harmony and emotional balance. 


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