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Tone D3F


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Tone D3F started writing peotry at the age 9. That’s when he also started performing in choirs and musicals. His love for music came at a young age, his mother was going through the heartache of being a single parent and as he watched music heal her soul.  Tone D3F wanted to be able to do the same. By 11 he was playing the drums and keyboard. As he was growing up family members told him the dreams 

He had  would never accomplish, don’t quit his day job, you can’t sing, the real world is waiting on you! Tone D3F started working at the age of 14 at Sunshine Cafe on Washington street. After high school he just kept working (I’ve had over 60 different types of jobs, but always felt out of place). 2013 he was diagnosed with general and social anxiety, agoraphobia and ptsd. That’s when he turned back to music. Tone Def made a couple tracks and handed it out to a few people and they let me know he sounded tone deaf! That’s the day Tone D3f was born  and he transformed himself into a hip hop artist because he was determined to reach someone like artists and bands did for his mother, himself and many others he knows. And help them get through their day weather it’s a relatable song or if they just need to jam to something


Tone Def was raised around music as well. Growing up he studied all the rock greats! In high school he played percussion, took computer classes and stage production classes as well as performed in plays and musicals. After high school he ran into T-1-D and was amazed with his talent! After becoming great friends with T-1-D, Tone Def decided to put his talent to use in 2011... MMMF was born!


Coming Soon


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